Private Lessons

Private Lessons give you a one on one experience where you can ask the questions and I will give you the answers. Whether you are a beginner to photography, photo enthusiast or you are starting your own business I can help you with camera functions, photo techniques and editing software.

Lessons can be held at your home or on location. We will discuss what will work best for you.

A typical lesson involves a quick assessment of your level of knowledge in the photo world before you begin to ask the questions you've been looking for answers to. I will thoroughly explain the desired subject at your pace and without a barrage of technical jargon that only engineers can understand. I will have you take photos so that you are putting this newly acquired knowledge to use which usually helps to remember our discussion. 

I will also provide you with notes from the lesson that are customized from your lesson.  Within 48 hours of our lesson I will send you a couple pages of notes highlighting what we discussed with photos and interactive notes that will help you recall what we discussed even months after our lesson.  

Private Lessons are $100 for the first hour and $50/hr for each additional hour of that session. 



Classes are held at various locations throughout the year. To stay informed as to when classes will be held in your area please send your email address to I do not use your email for anything other than informing you of classes or events as well as photo tips and tricks. 

If you are interested in holding a class at your location please contact me with your requests. 


Basic Digital Photography

This two-hour class we will discuss many of the basic features of your Digital SLR such as continuous shooting, color modes, autofocus modes and white balance. Other topics include general camera care, focus, scene modes, lenses and basic photo tips. Most of the external buttons on your camera will be explained. We will have many example photos to help explain many of the features of your camera. This class is designed for newcomers to the DSLR and we hope to get you very familiar with your camera.


Intermediate DSLR

This class takes a deeper look into your DSLR. We will discuss the exposure modes such as Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual. Topics include exposure compensation, the histogram, advanced white balance and special effect photography. You will learn how to brighten and darken your images to your liking as well as shift colors to be warmer or cooler. Learning how to control your shutter speed, aperture and ISO can be extremely helpful in creating photos to your desired result.


Portrait Photography

Our portrait photography class is designed to give you the tools to achieve wonderful portrait photos. We will discuss the importance of your f/stop and how it affects your photos. Discussions will include lenses, apertures, flash and lighting options and techniques. There are many simple things you can do to create beautiful portraits and we want to help you create them. Understanding your camera, subject and location are 3 very important aspects of attaining good portrait photographs.


Sports Photography

There are many challenging aspects to sports photography and this class will discuss the techniques and camera settings to help you with your sports photos. Whether its basketball, volleyball, baseball or football we discuss all the different challenges presented in sports photos. Shutter speed, ISO, focusing and positioning are just a few of the many topics discussed in our sports photography class. Learn techniques and strategies to improve your own photos.


Landscape Photography

This class discusses the many techniques of landscape photography and the tools used to create awe-inspiring photos. From composition and color to filters and choosing locations we will talk about the many facets of landscape photography. We will learn how to use your histogram as well as techniques for shooting HDR photos. Bring your camera and any questions to the class.


Photoshop Class

This lecture based class prepares you for the wonders of Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements can be a very fun and creative program but it can also be frustrating and time consuming. In this class we will teach you the basics of Photoshop Elements as well as some tips and tricks for creating wonderful images. We will discuss the general layout of Photoshop, the tools, filters, saving photos as well as enhancing them to create better and more interesting photos. You will learn how to adjust the color in your pictures, fix yellow and green color casts and drop photos inside of other images. We explain the type tool and show you how to add various texts to your image.

Our goal is to get you more familiar with Photoshop Elements so that you can take advantage of what the program has to offer.  


Photographing Children

Children are one of the most photographed subjects in photography but they are also one of the most difficult subjects to photograph. In this class we will discuss the many challenges presented to us when photographing children. We will cover camera techniques, paying attention to light, lens choices and strategic approaches to provide you with the best opportunity to capture fantastic photos of your little ones. This 2 hour class addresses many of the questions you may have about the difficult task of photographing children. Although this class is designed for DSLR owners, there are many helpful tips for those using a point and shoot camera. Come join us for the class and get the answers to the questions you have always had about photographing your children.